Lourdes. Was this from God?

The subjects: a few little youngsters.

The review: three visits by a holy messenger calling itself “the heavenly attendant of harmony.” The heavenly attendant continues to declare that Mary, the mother of Jesus, will show up.

The timetable: on the thirteenth day of the next months, for a half year, Mary is to convey extraordinary directives for these unique kids. The messages start. First there is a primer starting welcome, urging the youngsters to state the rosary. They are informed that Mary needs to build up the commitment to her ” Immaculate Heart…(say the rosary consistently) ” to win harmony for the world…her impeccable heart will be their shelter and the way that will lead them to God.

What saith the Word of God? “The Eternal God is your asylum.” Deuteronomy 33:27. “Jesus says to him, ‘ I amthe way…NO ONE goes to the Father, EXCEPT BY ME.’ ” John 14:6

On July 13 “Mary” says that she will play out a wonder so all may believe…This is to occur in October.

The Bible: “These are WRITTEN so you may accept.” “Confidence drops by HEARING THE WORD OF GOD.”

She proceeds to instruct them to forfeit themselves for heathens [but JESUS cherished us and gave Himself for us.] and state regularly, ‘ My Jesus, it is for adoration for you, for the change of delinquents, and in reparation for sins submitted against the Immaculate Heart of Mary.’ “

So it is against Mary we have trespassed? How absolutely irreverent!

On this equivalent July day, the kids are blessed to receive a dream of Hell and evil spirits. To spare individuals from Hell, they are told, God wishes to build up on the planet the dedication to the Immaculate Heart. So much for the arrangement of salvation through Christ.

She says that if individuals do what the youngsters let them know, numerous spirits will be spared, and there will be harmony. Be that as it may, Mary, the Bible’s Mary, stated, “WhateverHE says to you, do it!”

She at that point forecasts the finish of the war, yet tells them that if individuals don’t quit irritating God, another and more awful one will start in the rule of Pius XI.

Sufficiently sure, WW II starts toward the finish of his rule. Where does Babylon get its data? Furthermore, what does this educate you regarding the estimation of the prophetic blessing? Will bogus instructors give genuine predictions? Check your Bible word reference for the name “Balaam.”

“At the point when you will see a night lit up by an obscure light, realize this is the extraordinary sign that God will give you, that He will rebuff the world by methods for war, yearning, and abuses of the congregation, and of the Holy Father.”

Sacred Father is a Roman Catholic term meaning the Pope. Additionally a Biblical expression meaning GOD ALMIGHTY. Gracious be careful! Rome, you may have gone excessively far!

“To forestall this, I will come to request the sanctification of Russia to my Immaculate Heart…If they tune in to my solicitations, Russia will be converted…”

Still, believe we’re managing a lightweight here? These predictions are archived realities. Their fulfilments are self-evident. Their courier, in any case, requests that you follow “her,” to trust “her.” No notice is made of recovery of the Spirit of God, or of individuals being naturally introduced to the Kingdom. In the Satanic setting of which she speaks, Russia and the Pope making some kind of breakthrough, “she” is spot on. Or on the other hand generally so. Also, during that time many, as Jeanne Dixon for instance, have had the option to see into the future, however never with 100% exactness.